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consumer battery solutions

since the 1990s, with the continuous advancement of chips and energy storage technology, consumer electronic devices such as mobile phones, headsets, computers, and smart homes have risen rapidly.
in recent years, the consumer electronic equipment market has approached the trillion-dollar level. with the landing of 5g technology and the rise of concepts such as iot and tws, consumer devices may usher in the next peak of growth. as the core component of consumer electronic equipment, secondary batteries directly determine the portability, safety, and battery life of the equipment, and are increasingly being valued by terminal manufacturers.

face the challenge
how to ensure equipment safety?
how to increase the battery capacity and improve the battery life of the device?
how to realize the fast charging function to make the device use scene more flexible?
how to reduce the size and make the device more portable?
how to extend the life of the equipment and avoid battery wear?
solution architecture

provide a wide range of battery products:

ganfeng’s battery products are rich in types, including mobile phones, tablets, computers, tws headsets, forehead thermometers, sweeping robots, smart watches and other mainstream consumer devices, and have a variety of standards to choose from.


provide professional and scientific battery usage suggestions:

with many years of industry experience, we can provide reasonable suggestions based on users’ needs to achieve a high degree of integration of batteries and equipment and improve equipment reliability.


customized service:

according to users’ needs, the capacity and shape of the battery are designed to improve the utilization of the internal space of the product and reduce the impact on other hardware


battery recycling:

help companies to complete the recycling and secondary use of batteries, improve their esg attributes, and establish a green image.

solution advantages
product safety
ganfeng battery uses high-quality materials and starts from the bottom design structure (such as tws button batteries with protective shells, etc.). after complex tests such as normal temperature cycling, high temperature performance, short circuit, and drop, the battery is safe and risk-free during normal use.
long battery life
the battery products have been tested by many world-leading consumer electronic equipment manufacturers to achieve high energy density and ensure normal storage capacity under harsh conditions such as high and low temperatures.
fast charge
adopting cutting-edge technology at the chemical system and structural level can realize the mainstream manufacturers' demand for fast charging efficiency.
shape customization
provide customized battery products based on customer needs. for example, the cone-shaped battery in the tws headset fits the shape of the device better and improves space utilization
long-lasting battery life
ensure the cycle life of more than 800 times, the capacity remains more than 80% and thickness expansion is less than 10%
innovation & patent
relying on the 20 years of r&d of the parent company, it has a complete consumer battery patent matrix and has passed the patent review of many world-class manufacturers.
technology & cooperation
cooperating with many scientific research institutions and having a professional solid-state battery team, it plans to apply solid-state electrolyte technology to consumer equipment batteries to improve capacity and stability.
it has complete battery recycling capacity and has a recycling project that processes 34,000 tons of retired lithium batteries per year. at the same time, a larger facility that can recover 100,000 tons of retired lithium batteries is planned to build in future.
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